Feel Free to find posts from these different categories:

Poems/Spoken Word
Poems and Written word moved by circumstances wherein the point is to understand the circumstances, and even if understanding is not found, praise is still ushered to the One who allowed the circumstances to occur.

Acts of Faith: Stepping-Out and More
Posts under this category curtail stepping-stone events that have shaped my perspective, and detail how i felt during different times as i stepped through. These articles also portray steps that are taken to 'Let go and Let God' from the inside-out as I journey through these events. 

These are bible passages that I come across in my personal devotion that I wish to share certain parts with emphasis.
Afterall, the Word speaks best. 

Meandering Mondays
These posts written on Mondays, reflect practices and thoughts that are commonly contemplated in my mind, and so being seem like a meander from my vantage point.

Turnover Tuesdays
These posts written on Tuesdays, reflect practices and thoughts aimed at a overhaul and turnover from my current state of being to the next step more or less.

Wishy Wednesdays
Wednesdays always signify that middle day of the week when I wish work/school was just no more. I use these posts to make wishes that show my frustration but at the same time point to the fact that grace is also here to survive days like this.

Tumultuous or Triumphant Thursdays
These posts reflect a decision, a choice - we can chose to have triumphant or tumultuous days everyday and not just thursdays. It is about showing that we have the power to chose to show gratitude to God regardless of our situation or day of the week.

Felicity Fridays
These posts are all about TGIF!!!

Broken to Healed
This is a brand new section to the blog and an experimental project. The goal of the section 'Broken to Healed' is to write and relate stories of brokeness from my life and the lives of guest bloggers that will be featured here. The point of showing our brokeness is to also show you our scars and the healing stripes that have resulted because of the grace and loving goodness of the God that we believe in. We believe that no matter how many times you've fallen, or how many shards you've been broken into, Jesus still saves and is willing to walk through your life day-by-day if you just let Him. I hope you enjoy - kick back, relax and watch out for this! 

If you are interested in writing a post for the 'Broken to Healed' section, shoot me an email at, contact me on twitter @mwajimal, or you could leave me a message through the contact form on this blogger site!