Saturday, April 3, 2010

It Rains.

It rains,
sometimes droplets,
sometimes torrents.

And as each drop falls
on my uncovered head,
As each drop threatens
to soak my just dried dress,
I stare at the passers-by...
hoping, wishing...

Would they lend me an umbrella?
Would they share an umbrella?
Would they stand with me?
Would they stand across from me?

Or would they just pass by?

The drops don't stop,
it goes on longer than I imagined.
It affects the ones that decide to stand with me,
now they don't have umbrellas either.

Where is that ray of sunshine of Yours?
Wasn't it supposed to come after the rain?
How much longer till the rain stops?

We'll be waiting till the rain ceases.

~Dedicated to B~

    I hope you are all having a splendid Easter. I know I am. I am so excited because this is the first Easter that I have seen Christ in a different light. It used to be so mechanical, 'claiming' to celebrate him because of his love. Honestly, I never understood what that love meant. I still don't fully understand... I guess I can only hope to one day comprehend the full extent of His love.
    Have a blessed week and remember that no matter what phase you are passing through right now, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. I like the poem. Easter is a beautiful time for me too and I wish you a great day.

  2. Rat i totally loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it... And i really appreciate that you dedicated it to me especially during this rly rather hard times.. It has not been easy... Very true that it rains but thank God i gat some awesome colorful umbrellas... Love it and love you guys...xoxo... daddy's lil girl..Pizzle

  3. Happy Easter. It is a special time of the year.

  4. It's lovely that this is the first Easter you've seen Christ in a different way. I'm really loving this poem...and "B" loves it too, nice.

  5. @ Myne: Thanks, and glad its beautiful for you too.
    @ Bimpe: I am glad you love it. Just remember to keep hanging in there!
    @ Suru: You are right, it is that special time again. Same to you too.
    @ Jaycee: Thanks, I hope I keep seeing him in different and yet closer ways.

  6. Nice poem, Ms. Lady. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. How have you been? :)

  7. @ Original Mgbeke: Thanks. I did. I have been good ooo. Thank God. Hope you have been good as well. Waiting on your updates ooo :)