Monday, July 25, 2011

SugaBelly's Language Challenge

  SugaBelly's Language Challenge by Mwajim Al 

I did say I wanted to do this. *warning - I didn't really know what to say, and I'm out of practice* - *hides face* - Enjoy!

Here is the transcript: 

Usa ma giri mjir na. Thimi aha blogsphere ni mwajim. E kwa Bura, kwa Adamawa State a ha Nigeria. Da ya ya ra azi amma e hara makarantar na ah primary ka sekandary aha vi. E sinda ga di taba gati yare na wa, kuma ya bara ke mji sinda arewa a nijeriya adi baushe kowe wa. Mbur ka yare yare hana kuma shang a buru ka lokto da na hara sur da – adi duku wa. Kuma kullini yaddi sinda sur ya gari wa… so ya za giri. Sai danzi.

Hello my people. My name in the blogsphere is Mwajim. I’m a Bura girl from Adamawa State in Nigeria. I was born here in the United States and did my primary and secondary school at home. I know you have never heard this language before, and I want you all to know what the north of Nigeria isn’t all Hausas (*gasp*, no this was not in Bura). There are different languages, and everyone has a way of doing their thing. And now I don’t know what else to talk about, so I’ll leave you. Later.


  1. Coolest language i've heard so far and your voice is so sonorous or is it melodious. I'm so jealous. I want to learn to speak like that :)

  2. awww
    i didnt know there were other languages apart from hausa and fulani X_X
    thank God for this challenge
    What do u mean you did you primary and secondary at home? as in in Nigeria?

  3. This sounds a lot like Hausa!
    I've heard someone speak Bura once but the person had more hausa words in there than the actual language.
    And I agree with Sting, your voice is very melodious, wish your audio post was longer :)

    Sai danzi

  4. haha yah a lot of people dilute it, i tend to do it at times. lol. thanks :) I couldn't think of what more to say though :( Where have you lived?

  5. Yup, in Nigeria. Thanks :D

  6. Wow! I love this! I so wish I could speak this language. It sounds so natural and uninhibited. Does that make sense? I'll be back to listen to more! Blessings!

  7. OMG you sound so beautiful! love it!!!

  8. Mwajim Al.. I am just loling. Ur mic sounds you like you're on a news broadcast on Radio Nigeria. haha. And were just 'accenting' your mother tongue? Wait, did I hear "so ya?" hahaha

    SO whats the language called? lol

    - LDP

  9. Lovely! Never heard of Bura! Love the recording too!

  10. lol... if you heard 'so ya', then you did. I am so out of practice, it doesn't help that there aren't a lot of Buras around me :( (like none lol). Lmao, i do sound like i am on a news broadcast at home ooo... hummm now u r giving me ideas.

  11. Now you have :D Thanks! Its a language in Adamawa and Borno states of Nigeria.