Monday, June 28, 2010

Those Darn Flaming Neuron Cells

I love staring at neurons under the microscope - tiny, minuscule and yet so complex. They are so cooperative and yet so fragile. Why on earth do cells – these independent, minute and invisible-on-the-macroscale level things still survive once separated from the organism?
At the early stages outside the brain, the neuron cells do not look too interesting. There are a couple of sprouting synapses here and there. Their inter-communication is very low and worst of all, they look as though they will die any minute. However, given a number of days in the culture dish, proper incubation temperature and the right media to grow in… they turn out healthy, robust, mature and bubbling with energy (not literally!)... basically, you'd be staring at the most beautiful networks of communication in the universe.

It is the transformation that fascinates me. I am always nervous at the beginning days of their culture time that they look too unhealthy, or could get contaminated or worst of all, would all die (Nightmare!). And yet, that hardly ever happens as long as the protocol is being followed. Tracking the growth of the neurons kind of reminds me of watching children grow. You know you are feeding them day-by-day. You don’t fully understand how the food fed to them works, yet, you know that somehow the food is doing its job. While you are away, you trust that all is well with the children, and when you return, you see that they’ve grown an inch taller… or so. However, with dying shock, one day you wake up and realize that they are way taller than you. Of course, you had kept watch the whole time… it was you who fed them. You had expected this… yet you are still in awe of how quickly and well they sprout up… amazing isn’t it?

So here I am working on these neurons, not fully understanding the total processes behind everything I do to them, or how their intricate systems work… no one person can tell you they understand a 100% how the neuronal culture circuits work, we only know in part. And yet, we go along with the protocol trusting that it works, and we are all amazed when we get favorable results!
            It reminds me so much of the Big Man up there - God. Staring at the neurons under the microscope, and filled with fascination, I realized that: [Hey, God already understands all there is with these flaming cells right here]. He knows how their intricate systems work already. He has graciously given us the tact and wisdom to reach a point where we can see a minute peek at how He operates. We only know in part, yet, He knows it all in full. We wish to know in full… which is why we strive to constantly get the answers to our questions… funny. I long for the day that I will know in full, understand in full and appreciate His Love in full.

            So He already knows everything on the microscopic level. And, He also knows everything on the macroscopic level… makes Him worth trusting isn’t it? I think am going to bet my two cents in on that conclusion or what do you think?

Photograph: One of my many pretty flaming neurons imaged summer 2009.

Enjoy my song of the moment... just beautiful *sigh*

Monday, June 21, 2010

usa la ga - Thankyou

Ga sinda yaddi pila usa la ga sosai wa - You know I haven’t said thank you enough…

Falls so gruesome and
You always lessened the impact.

Tears, overflowing
And overwhelming,
Washing over like a flood…
You always wiped them away.

Pain so deep, so bitter…
Engulfing and blinding,
Had me at the lowest level of the pit…
You always healed to the core.

No scars.
No painful recollections.
No bandaged fragments.
As though I was never down there.

And so for the many people
You’ve sent my way…

And so for the many paths
You’ve let me thread…

And so for the many things
You’ve let me have…

And so for the many more
Situations I’m about to dive into…

I just want to say…

usa la ga Yesu…. Hamthakurna!!! – Thankyou Jesus – My God!!!

*** In italics – Bura language from Borno and Adamawa States, Nigeria. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clay, Glass and the fragile things...

Clay breaks you know,
And yet the Potter uses it to mold.

Glass shatters you know,
And yet the glass smith makes his finest glassware from it.

And when the clay and glass breaks,
The helpless thing just lays there,
Hoping to fix itself.

And yet the Maker ignores the object’s stubbornness,
In his expertise, he fixes it,
Molds it, melts it back to being in a more fit condition.

I am Your clay,
I am Your glass.

And I have been stubborn.
I have refused to accept your beckoning peace.
I have refused to accept your everlasting answer…
Everlasting will…

Hear me now,
As You tenderly mold,
And melt me continually perfecting
Me to be who You will me to be…

Please be patient…
You know am the most stiff-necked there ever was…
Please be patient…
As you wait for me to realize that You ever stand as You have always been…
Unchangeable and Loving…
To continually accept Your Sovereignty
As I battle with myself…

I accept Maker…
I accept…
Help me stand firm on this…

So summer has been going great. Am in the sports rage mood, with all the NBA finals going on and the world cup (YAY!!!). In addition to that, I love Boston, love the lab am in… awesome folks J My summer plans have also been coming along, its been really hard to not eat meat... you’d be surprised how difficult it is to eat outside (smh I now respect vegetarians and vegans!), God has been faithful in that respect too… I have been enjoying my cooking, which I ordinarily hate on a normal day. My studying is also picking up (painfully slowly).  The gym… yeah, so I think I overdid it because at a point I was going almost everyday, and I ended up with lower abdomen pains… so I am on a hiatus till next week. My summer reading list is getting there too, am currently on C.S Lewis’ ‘Screwtape Letters’… ooouuu and I got this book by Ron Currie Jr. called ‘God is dead’… it’s a fictional work, I will probably update you all on what it is about… am excited for that one. And with Baba God… let’s just say its definitely not a time of complacency… he is continually stretching me… and I am definitely glad. I am also so glad that I was introduced to this blogging atmosphere, I can’t explain how many times through the past week just reading a couple of blog posts or some tweets and telling you how encouraged I have been. So thank you, because in one way or another God is using you to stretch and mold me. Keep on letting Him use you.
Have a great blessed ahead of you…  and keep living out His word on this side of heaven. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

me, you and Him.

There is me,
Then there is you...

There is us...
then them.

We hold on tight,
like intertwined birds,
scared to fend off the familiar,
scared to let Him...

I am scared,
you are scared...
It seems as though he shakes it all to the roots...

You give him an eel, and he takes the mile.
He turns it upside down and vibrates it to the core.
Everything not rooted falls away...
Maybe we'll even fall off eachother...

He shakes us to the core...
such that we aren't holding onto eachother,
such that we end up holding onto Him...

And only Him...
we weren't meant to hold onto eachother only,
you and me.
It was always supposed to be me, you and Him...

...So let's let Him shake us.

Friday, June 11, 2010


"I say 'Amen' and its still raining..."

And yet, they say YOU are the God that stills oceans,
parts the red sea and rose from the dead...

I choose to glorify and praise...
even though am numb from tears,
and scared from obstacles.

I've said 'Amen' and am still in my storm...

And YOU are still God.

I will still praise.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Right Where I want You to be

You wake up,
another day... another hustle.
You are going to see them,
You are going to see him.
You are going to bustle and its going to hurt.

They ask about him,
they ask about them.
They ask about you.
What do they care?

You look at them,
you look at him,
you look at her,
you look... and you stare...
and you salivate.
That should have been you.

What happened to you?

You should have been taller,
you should have been richer,
you should have been smarter...

you should be smarter,
you should be richer,
you should be taller...

you gnaw in pain.
you are not where you should have been at.
you messed it up.

And Yet, He says:
"You are Right Where I Want You to be."

"Patience..." He says, "...Patience..."

And so you wait:
"I am right where HE wants me to be."


Friday, June 4, 2010

'The one'

There is all this talk about finding 'The one',
you know... your one true love.
They say he will come riding on a horse,
some say he will be fully geared on a armor,
with long beautiful silky flaming hair...

And when you find him,
you will share the most intimate ever,
It will be like fireworks...
stars in the sky and all...

Some say there is only one out there you know -
the perfect soulmate.

The one that no one can replace,
completes all your sentences,
thinks like you... understands your innermost being.

I don't believe a word of it.

The one doesn't exist.

The One does exist.
Nope, no armor - in fact, nothing about him is physically attractive.
No horse - He rode a donkey, sorry.
No breathtaking fireworks or flaming beautiful hair...

No, none of that...
Just him, his love...
simple, yet seemingly foolish.

The One that calms all the storms in me and you.
The One that saw the end of your life before it even became a zygote.
The One that saw the thought before it became a sentence.
The One who understands, satisfies, loves and connects more that the supposed 'the one'.

Enjoy One of my Current Favorite Songs - Rest In You - Hillsong

P.S On the Summer pledge, so far so good... coming along, haven't broken any yet... hopefully it keeps coming along by His Grace.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things to work on this Summer...

Just so you all keep me accountable, I pledge to carry on the below from today through August 10:

1. An 'all things animal' fast: I am depriving myself as a fast as I seek God's face about my future.
2. Fasting on Fridays: Same reason as before, and also to grow closer in my relationship to HIM.
3. Study for the GREs: because I do not want to be a bum post graduation, and because I want to change the world yadda yadda yadda same reason you want to progress in life.
4. Go to the Gym on Mon, Wed & Fri: I tend to indulge my belly over the summer, and I need to balance that.
5. Read all the summer books I brought along with me: I tend to pack my books with me as essentials, hopefully I go through them all...
6. Allow God to continue to stretch me in my relationships with people: I can be too into myself, and I need to be less of that.
7. Keep Writing: My passion has been re-ignited, and I want to significantly write more and more.

Can YOU hold me accountable?

So what are you planning to do with your summer?