Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Acts of Faith: On Being a Wreck and Upside Down Part 3

            I survived yesterday... the cold still isn't gone.. but *shrugs* regardless I must still move on. So I took off today and fixed up the room i moved into... *i moved into a new apartment*.  As I rummaged through my stuff, i found a letter I wrote to myself just before my freshman year. I kept it up on my desk all through years 1 to 3 of college except these past 2 years... don't know why I didn't put it back up afterwards. But reading it made me smile... that smile of contentment... that little girl then didn't know what lay ahead as she typed that and yet, she still forged ahead... *sigh* God is good, when i think of how far He has brought me. 

p.s. and yes, now you know my real name. But please, continue to refer to me by my pseudoname :)

And speaking of God...  He and I are having another tussle... I haven't spent quality time with Him over the past couple of days... I've felt too disorganized as well... disorganized in this sense ->
   And I was going to continue in this downward spiral you know, i might as well and wait for God to send a Rambo or something to clean up my room and unpack, cure me of my cold/whatever it is I have, convince me to be genuinely joyful because change is okay and maybe even pay my bills? Okay i am definitely asking for too much. However, in the words of Rev. D. Martyn Llyod-Jones "...defy yourself..." And so i did. I have the choice after all, He has given me that much. And so step 1 of getting back on track was the room ---> 
 Step 2 --> Taking better care of myself: physically, emotionally, spiritually... all the 'llys' you can think of. My friend D put it this way: "You've been to the mountain too many times already these past couple of weeks, you need to start enjoying life"... I concur. I'm always looking at the glass half-empty rather than half-full. 

So here is to me relaxing and taking life easy *learning how to take life easy* henceforth by His grace. Yes, raise your glasses or cups of water or something to that :D



  1. Look at the transformation of that room...marvelous! :)

    I loved the letter you wrote to yourself before freshman year. Let me tell you, God will never leave you.

  2. *sigh* Yes :) I know, thanks! Today was a really good day actually, cleaning the room alone, i feel like i accomplished a big deal! And I love that letter too, I think i need to write something like that for graduate school as well!

  3. Aww that letter was so cute! And I LOVE your real name! How beautiful...what does it mean???

    Congrats on the new apartment!

    Cheers to taking life easy! Get some rest hun and get well SOONEST! *muah*

  4. Yours is a testimony of a transformed yet ever changing life.

  5. I will just say He keeps me on through it all :)

  6. Hehe it is a cute letter <3. Thanks!!!
    Rahilla means Racheal actually in Hausa and Arabic although neither of those are my ethnic groups.

  7. glad u're back on track and goodluck with taking care of urself. we all need to take 2 steps back from the craziness that is the world, just to have some quality time for ourselves. :)