Monday, July 18, 2011

I have a confession

I've been disillusioned for the past two months or so... maybe even more time than that. And its not just that feeling, there has been anger, and sadness and guilt... and more.... This song explains a bit of how I've been feeling. Talking to D and my Daddy today made me realize how far I've retreated... i've been running... hiding from people... I can't say it is over... that I suddenly understand and I don't want to hide anymore. One thing I do know is that I want to stop. Stop looking back, stop hiding, stop thinking everything is meaningless and find meaning... step by step. I feel much better now than a few weeks ago... although I know i can be much better by His grace. 
SO please pray for me, for this new person He is crafting me into... 

*Delightful treasure of the week - The Art of Abundance: A Simple Guide to Discovering Life's Treasures by Candy Paull.


  1. *hug* God will direct your path and give you the confidence and grace to wave good bye to the past and welcome your present and future with new arms...

    The bible says, Behold old things have passed away and all things have become is WELL!

  2. Mwajim Al, God is there with you. He said, if you pass through waters, He'd be there; in the fire, it will not burn you... Every step of the way. I would also recommend this song, "He knows my name"... very powerful when one is in a state one needs to feel His presence and His thoughts.
    It is well with you, SIs.

  3. You will get into the right track in Jesus' Name. Perfect love will cast out fear, for fear is not of God. Love you. *Hugs*

  4. You will be blessed "while" and "as" you pass through your clouds. You know why? No matter how depressed or disillusioned you become, it is evident through your writings, that you still believe in The Almighty. As long as you hold firmly to the hem of His Garment, you will be okay. It doesn't mean everything that you have gone through will be forgotten and every day will be sweet, but it does mean that you have your feet on Solid Ground. Keep in mind, also, that we hold on to things we did or that were done to us because they are comforting and familiar. I know it sounds sick, but it's true. I'm a witness! As you grow older and stronger in your faith, you will let go and let Him handle your worries. This takes time. Continue to find time, EVERYDAY, to read The Word; meditate on His Word-placing as much as possible into your heart; LISTEN to your heart, as He speaks to and guides you; ask for forgiveness(for you and anyone who has hurt you); and ask for continuous anointing of your mind, tongue, body and soul. Do this, everyday. I do! When I miss this routine, my day is just not the same. You'll long for that quiet time to commune with your Father. You'll get better and better, over time. Be blessed!

    P.S. Thank you, for joining my blog--that is a blessing, in and of, itself. Please, pray for me as I pray for you. Cynthia