Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Versatility of the Human Spirit

Yes, we are in a broken world - there is so much pain...



so much oppression...

Broken Bodies walking in a path to find themselves... 

Lost pebbles along the bank of the river... trying to find their way back to the Source.

But somehow, we make it through. 

Somehow even if your heart has been drenched from its core, we stubbornly rise.

Ashes of the phoenix striving towards the new re-birth.

It's one great gift He also gave us - endurance... the ability to overcome. 

More than conquerors - to conquer self.

More than conquerors - to conquer self.

More than conquerors - to conquer self.

Because you see, satisfying the self is what got all this started in the first place.

Self that wants to satisfy its core and lunge from the breath of the One who breathed it to life. 

Self that wants to hurt and jab and pine and bore more holes into the cleave of others.

Self that knows not how to love self back and instead suffocates others by stifling for love.

Self that needs the Compass Himself.


And so to every self that has begged for a dime,

buried a loved body,

dragged a broken heart,

asked why the door was shut,

wondered where He was,

cried yourself to sleep not only because you had not,

not only because you wanted more,

but also because you wondered what all this is... this life... this conundrum...

to every self that can identify with the futility of the chasing that we continually put out under this sun...

I say to you - You are Strong. He has made You Strong, and Beautiful in His image.

Circumstances don't show it as we edge on back towards the faint light of Eden...

Your empty pocket, your lonely bed chamber, your broken limb, your fraying memory...

This side of Eden is yet to reflect what your innermost core yearns for...

Regardless... you still have it in you - strength to carry on. Strength to live on.

Strength to strap self off and not only endure, but live through another day.

He is still here... and in silent meanders of the morning dew,

He is still carrying you.