Tuesday, December 22, 2009


When am cold at night,
there is no blanket,
just the still air,
fresh... chilly,
it bites and pines at me.

Yet, YOU are there,
covering me,
laying over me,
protecting me,
being my immeasurable blanket.

I found SOMEONE.

When am sad,
feel like i have no one,
it hurts,
because am scared,
that there really is no one.

Yet, YOU are there,
being with me,
standing next to me,
providing people,
to be someone.

I found SOMEONE.

When am sick,
sick with the things
i long for...
for him,
for them,
for you...

Yet, YOU are there,
comforting me,
telling me that
YOU can be all i need,
more than enough.

I found SOMEONE.

I had been searching you know,
looking all over, in different places,
at different times,
in all the wrong things,
in all the wrong someones...

Yet, YOU were there the whole time,
staring me in the face the whole time,
waiting for me the whole time,
to accept your call...
can't believe i took so long.

I found SOMEONE.

The beautiful thing now,
is that i find you everywhere i look,
i imagine YOUR face,
every now and then,
thinking of how long its going to take,
thinking of the walk i must
continue till I get to see YOU
that one day....

Yet, YOU still cheer me on,
telling me to keep holding on,
till we get there...
YOU convince me that every face
i stumble on is a reflection of YOU,
so i try to see you in every someone...

I will keep trying...
till i finally see you...

I see YOU.


  1. opps... forgot to say homie....sorry homie...but I love this homie....see, see how i made up for not saying homie.....and i kept saying homie and this is my fifth time saying homie...well now it's the sixth....homie..... okay i'll stop now...peace homie.

  2. LoL @ Meron... thanks guys. Glad u enjoy it :)