Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Am blocked,
Am stumbling,
Am thinking of him...

Am lazy,
Am tired,
Am thinking of cash,

That green is so slippery,
makes me want to run
to a nation of multicolored bills,
the red, green, blue and so on...
the Nairas... at least they are ever flowing

Am sick,
with a cold,
Am in need of warmth...

My daddy would glaze
that vapor rub over my back and head,
and make me inhale the steam...
Alas, here in my boxed apartment,
all i can do is think of my flu germs,
and wish i was back home

Am down,
Am falling to that place of reckless abandon,
and loathing again...

I could really use some help here,
like you could use a bolt of lightening...
and rain down some benjamins
or you could teleport me to the future,
to be with all my loved ones,
or you could simply rain down a vision,
for me to see how my answers will happen...

Am looking up,
up to you,
am fighting,
fighting to trust...

It takes so much more.


  1. i love that green thing too..lol.i make no excuses for it..i love money.

  2. yah. Same here. Thanks for checking my blog out.

  3. This is silly but the "AM" instead of "I'm" was distracted me. I agree with you on the trust.

  4. Ahhh point taken. I didn't even pick on that till you mentioned it! Thanks for checking my blog out :)

  5. @ Rita... thanks :) and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Nice write up but that picture got me first, LOL. Nice blog.

  7. @ Myne. Lol... it got me too. Thanks for checking it out :)

  8. 才華在逆境中展現,在順境中被掩藏。 ....................................................

  9. Hey I couldn't find the translation to your name... but thanks, i agree with you. And thanks for checking my blog out.