Saturday, February 20, 2010


Part 1:

Shattered pieces, broken glasses, fragmented blocks, meshed dough... funny because that was supposed to be a wholesome person. She was supposed to be complete, whole. No fragments, no pieces, not broken and not meshed. Just whole. Fully whole. And yet, she was not. People broke her. Events broke her. Harsh words, broken dreams. Wrongs were committed against her. She wronged other people. And yet, slowly and gradually in her brokenness, in her emptiness, she was made whole. She was restored back to how she was initially meant to be, infact even better. She is just like the Samaritan woman, she was rejected and yet He asked her for a drink of water. He invited her in. She was just like Mary the prostitute. She was filthy and desolate. Yet, Jesus allowed her to serve and show her gratitude.

I am just like those women. Used to be broken into a million and one pieces. Yet, He took me all that I was and mended me into this wholesome vessel. He healed me, so why should I not be a channel of healing to others?

Part 2:
The past couple of days has had me thinking of ways that I can take my steps to advance the kingdom of God further. I have a dream of how I want to serve people with neurological disorders in Nigeria. This is the main reason why I am planning to go into the Neuroscience field. Thinking about this the other day, something tugged at me: "Why must you wait to carry out the passion in your heart? Why must you wait to serve?" And, while this was still in my heart, I read Jaycee's post "Say you're one of us" (post link here: and still had more tugs. It was now a matter of discerning what to do.

Part 3:
I spent today at the IMPACT IVCF retreat for my campus. I went for the Justice and social Justice seminar. It was more alongst the lines of my post on "Gradual Metamorphosis" post here:
However, what struck me most was my thoughts on what I wanted to help with. How can I be a channel of healing? Why can I not go out and heal as Jesus healed me? Why can I not be love to someone who is broken as well? That was when I believed that my purpose was revealed. To be a source of healing to the broken. I have been loved so much such that I can only love others. I have been healed and been mended so much such that I can only be a source of healing to others - to be a channel to others.

Part 4:
I decided to participate in act-s: a social justice mobilizer group. Its all part of the vision to stop injustices like child slavery, hunger and trafficking. Check it out: Activities are held to inform and help in terms of prayer, volunteering and petition signing. I believe this is a step towards helping by God's grace to heal a broken world. I am still looking for more ways to help in coming in contact with people and being a channel of healing, also keeping in mind that I need to be a source of healing to people in my life as well.

SOOOOOOO.... how are you going to be a channel today?


  1. I love volunteering and always plug myself in one or two places anywhere I find myself. Not only does it help you channel the nature of God, you also nurture your talents as well. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. You have a way of expressing your thoughts so eloquently, i like i like!