Monday, February 15, 2010

And after the storm...

So after not having classes for a straight week (this week will forever be remembered fondly by UMBC students) and suffering from a slight case of cabin fever, infact it was beginning to affect the way i think, classes finally resumed. I had never felt so happy in my life to walk to class despite the cold and slippery ice on the ground as I did today. It reminded me of those secondary school days when I would be waiting in anticipation for the long summer break to pass so that I can go back to classes (Yes i was nerdy back then!) The only downside to that is that professors want to rush us into catching up to the material we missed for a week (I have an awful feeling in my tummy that we are going to pay dearly for this). Well at least our spring break is not going to be cut off. I heard one school withheld theirs.
I have been procrastinating in the most subtle ways... am planning to take the GREs in May or June and I still haven't started studying hardcore... abeg any tips from those who have taken the GREs???
On a side note, my friend D and I were studying Psalms 22 vs 11 to 23 and the overall message was crying to God for deliverance despite the troubles that surround us, despite the fact that we are being sneered at when waiting on him. Funny enough events that unraveled today just confirmed that indeed this Jehovah that we serve is on the throne. Just remember that whatever unravels in your life is for a reason, we are indeed too short sighted to see what reason God has in store but never forget that this God can carry us through whatever storms. Yes ooo this storms may leave us broken and hurt and disappointed and all the bad things that you can think of. But pause with me for a second, think of the woman with the issue of blood who touched the hem of his garment... after she was healed, it was as though she never bled her whole life. God heals all to the very core, he takes all those intricate pieces no matter how shattered they may be and mends us into this wholesome beautiful person we were always meant to be.
So folks, smile along with me this week (I am striving to walk around with a smile on my face this week for starters, I have been told i look stern and cold lol) because God is good :) ALWAYS!!!


  1. Crazily enough the prayer today on the iPray2010 series was about our dreams...and waiting on God for them to manifest.

    At first I used to be excited when the long summer holidays came, but after many days of pure bliss I also started longing for high school classes again. LOL. I think it happens even with other things in life, after a while we usually need to change and move higher.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Jaycee, that prayer just lifted my spirits.

  3. Back to school!!!! Back to reality....Hope u enjoyed it???

    You are sooo right...if only we had a peak into our future and saw what God is preventing or working out for our good...we would praise him thru the storm more...God is good

  4. God is good..Always! I am glad He has given you a reason to smile. All the best with the GRE preps.

  5. I was so happy to go back to class too. Cabin fever started hitting me on wednesday. Good luck with your GREs just pratice, practice, practice.

  6. @Blowing Blessing your way: True.
    @Myne: Thanks.
    @Suru: lol. Thanks... I will 'strive' to get more practice in.

  7. Girl, that snow storm was crucial. Some serious cabin fever indeed!