Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today was one of those days,
hair gone wrong,
Wrong shoes,
Slipped and fell,
Brusied so bad…

Today was one of those days,
Didn’t go to the bathroom stall this time,
Came back to my room,
And hid under my table,
Held myself and let the tears flow...

Today was one of those days,
Got of the phone,
With the person I call by one of your
He laughed and said what you would say,
“Don’t worry, it’ll work out…”
Just like that…

Today was one of those days,
As the tears flowed,
And I refused to wipe them,
I remembered the last time
I felt scared and alone,
And how you out a smile
On my face…

Today was one of those days…
Where I have the power to
Refuse to let it turn into one of those days…

And do I trust,
And look up to you,
Remembering one of those days
When you showed me that
You are the one who conquered
Not only death,
But this life of flesh as well…

Today was one of those days…



  1. One of those off days huh? Feel better soon!

  2. Yes... one of those. Thanks gurl.

  3. I love this. We can refuse to let it turn into one of those days, even after the tears have spilled :)

  4. Hope you feel better now dear. Take care.

  5. @Jaycee: Yes, definitely always have to get back up and fight!
    @Myne: I do now. Thanks :)

  6. @ 家瑩: Thanks. BTW how do you say your name in English?

  7. This is simply beautiful... There are always gonna be those days that we don't feel like there's any point but all that matters is that even when we fall into those days, we can pick ourselves back up... :)

  8. @Bimpe: Yes ooo, it matters to pick urself back up :) Just have to keep forging ahead. Thanks girl.