Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Acts of Faith: On Change Part 2 (Yes Change can be great!) + 100th Post + Amy Grant

            Yes Change is painful… confusing and whirl-like… at the same time, change can be good, and satisfying, exciting, and beautiful. Especially the unknowing kind of change where you have no clue where you are going, but with each step, a pleasing and hopeful glare blinds your eyes and warms your breast with expectation. You expect good things – no… you expect great things but not just for you, but for all those around you... the kind of overstepping change that you and everyone around you gets swept away in… the kind that changes us into women and mothers, and men and fathers and all that good stuff. It’s the kind of change where you realize the playground isn’t your avenue anymore, and neither is there room for those mistakes. It’s the kind of change where you realize that you are stepping out of the boundaries that defined the playground moments. Yes, there is fear – loads of it. WE may fall – continuously too and the bruising kind – we may even have to be rushed to the ICU every now and then. But what is fear in comparison to the heights that lay before us? The beautiful mountains to climb, the peaks to stand upon and gaze back at the journey it took to make it there… its just too much of a big dream to think of it as tedious… its just too much of a consuming desire that lies within our chest to let the fears and doubts and worries to take precedence…
            And so yes – Change is beautiful.
            And so yes, even as I approach it with fear and doubts, I will still bask in the warmth of her new sunrise. And yes, even though I don’t know what plans HE has laid ahead, I will still twirl along as HE and I continuously battle as HE teaches me that HE will always win. Its funny because I’m prone to laying out plans in my head even without me knowing that is what I’m doing. And of course, HE always has a good chuckle or too, knowing that whatever plan I have is not mine to lay out. HE is in charge after all, so its not my duty to steer, but follow rather.
            And so yes, I’m going to keep smiling as change slowly gears her way towards me. Join me (smiles).

In other news – I am done with my recruitment season for graduate schools… phew! Talk about tired. It was quite an experience to say the least, God came through every step of the way. Yours truly is well on her way to soon selecting where she wants to spend the next 5 to 6 years or thereabout of her life whoohooo!!! To say I am excited is an understatement. And yes, I know you’ve been praying for me – so thank you!

I’d like to also ask for your prayers for a friend of mine whose country is in uproar – Ivory Coast to be specific. Let’s ask for God’s peace in that country and his continual protection of the innocent.

This is my 100th post – and I want to thank you for your continual readership especially over the past couple of months while I’ve been in transit – my response to comments have been haphazard and posts not so coherent, and yet, you’ve still come back – so thank you! To commemorate this 100th post, I’m throwing it out there for your readers to ask me any questions about me that you would like to know the answers to… and I’ll try my best possible to answer them in the next post. Feel free to leave them in the comments section or email me at mwajimal@yahoo.com (Hopefully If I do get questions, then they won’t be too difficult or personal to answer!).

P.S. I can relate to the lyrics of this song.


  1. Change really causes discomfort, but when we face it with an attitude of surrender, knowing that God is at hand, we have nothing to fear :D

    and oh, i like Amy Grant very much. been listening to her since i was little :D

    its my first time here, just in time for the 100th post. Yay!!!! congrats and keep sharing!!! :D

  2. I concur with your statement on change :D

    And you are very much welcome :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. wow. what can I say. I'm happy for you that you got that grad school sorted. You know I really am because I can relate to how much relief comes with clearing out that path. Babes, you are blessed. And Congrats on your 100th post.

  4. Congratulations on your 100th post, of course we'll keep coming back. We need more people like you who recognize where you want to get to in life, but yet are not ashamed to say you're not there yet.

    1) What's one thing that changed you for good in 2010?
    2) What's the best thing that has ever happened to you? (And if you can't think of one, just give three...lol).
    3) Why are you the way you are? (freestyle question, any answer you want to give).

  5. "But what is fear in comparison to the heights that lay before us? The beautiful mountains to climb, the peaks to stand upon and gaze back at the journey it took to make it there…"

    That just made me smile...so happy for you dear, for pressing on thru each phase that comes by you. Wish u all the best and more.