Sunday, October 16, 2011

Acts of Faith: "you are not whole... you are incomplete"

         I *love* (emphasis on sarcasm) how the society we live in screams what we should and shouldn’t think of ourselves. It’s complex because you spend countless unforgivable times combing through the societal projected images of yourself that by the time you realize that isn’t what you thought of yourself... it’s almost too late? Well, as long as you are still breathing, there is still hope, and it is never too late. Never too late to realize the lies and the gibberish that the world imposes on us.  
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Ever notice how categories are made based on what we have and don’t have?  We are told that we are incomplete or unwhole until we have this... or that. A graduate doesn’t have a job, and he is told that he is less of a man until he has money. A woman is single and she is told she is incomplete until she marries. A married couple is barren or waiting to have kids and they are told that the joy of children is waiting to make their marriage complete. A young boy is frivolous and strives to save his money for rainy days, and he is told that the only way to live life to the fullest is to spend every penny on stuff he sees in ads. A young woman is navigating and taking her time to figure out her choices and she is told she is incomplete until she blindly takes a path like so and so. Society screams at us: “You are not whole... you are incomplete... until you get this/have that/obtain it”.
Lies!!! All lies.
I laid in bed last week fighting again. Fighting the lying voices... fighting the discouragement... basically fighting myself. Fighting the “glass is half-empty” perspective when the whole while I knew of a fact that my glass is full and overflowing. I need to think keep thinking that way. It’s a different thing saying that I know that I’m blessed and another, thinking like a blessed daughter... Not just portraying it and wearing a happy mask... it’s also living that from within, being glad even in the solace of my mind, when my old self tries to regain control.
I am blessed.
And I am whole. Yes, there are things I would like to change, circumstances that I wish were different. There are things I would like to say, past buried pieces I would like to revisit... but changing them isn’t my job, it isn't possible. Revisiting them isn’t going to make me any better. And nothing, absolutely nothing can be done about it. I can't change the past. What I can do, is change my  present and affect my future. And no reshuffling of the past is going to change where I stand in His sight, or how He views me. Which is what matters. I am whole in Him. No, it’s not the next big thing waiting to happen or the next thing I lust/covet after or the next wish I have that is going to complete me. I am incomplete without Christ... and now, because I have Him, I am complete... I am whole.
And don’t you ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I don’t know what crossroads you are at, I don’t know what path you are stuck on, I don’t know what keeps you up at night. Maybe you are like me, prone to guilt and putting herself down, or maybe you are waiting for the next job, relationship, child, inspiration, ambition, marriage... whatever it is... these are good things, beautifully created by God to complement us and not rule us, not to define us. Our definition is found in our relationship with Him, and not in whatever it is we think will complete us.
So join me in saying: “I am whole, and I am complete. I am blessed”. I know I will be practicing saying this until I wholly believe it in my inner core.
I hope you have been doing great. I’ve been good... I think I’m getting burnt out, so many readings to get through - they can’t possibly want me to know everything lol. Anyhow, I can do all things through Christ regardless of what they want :)
Have a great week ahead of you, and take care!!!


  1. You're so right u know, I had a conversation with hubby yesterday and he said to me "You're so hung up on what pple may think. You used to damn the world when I first met you, you had so much spunk, did what you believed in irrespective of what people thought...I need you to stop letting life happen to you" stung but I was glad I had someone that could tell me the truth.

    Sometimes we get so hung up on what society tells us is the way things should be that we loose out on enjoying the fullness of our own personal experiences....

  2. I so love this. it's so true especially with the virtual realities that surround us in motion pictures and ads like you mentioned. And if we're not careful, we gradually shift to become who we are not and loose the sense of purpose of what truly is and what is not fantasy. wannabe here and there wannabe everything. And tell me about the readings, it's kicking butts. hope you good tho

  3. The message in this blog is so important. If we listen to what society and everyone around is saying we would never be content. Even when we know we are blessed its very important to feel it from inside. A lot of times we put down ourselves but if we really sit to think about it we would realize how far we
    ve come and how much we've overcome. We are over comers, survivors and should never stop believing that we are a whole. S o i would join you to say: "I am whole,I am complete and blessed". 

  4. Hmmm, you don't know the depth of what you've just discussed! Thank God for this post. It's amazing how we seek completion from the arms of flesh without realizing that what we seek lies in the Christ.  I love this post!