Thursday, November 17, 2011

RE: Acts of Faith: Being Thankful

It's funny - tomorrow is my birthday. I looked through my blogposts and found what I wrote on that day last year... Funny how time flies and how many things change within a short span of time. Looking back, it seems the past year was a full pledged ride high on dopamine and adrenaline leading to a crash so explosive... but, not so explosive His touch couldn't rescue from. Errr correction - there is NOTHING, His touch can't rescue from. So, I'm putting a re-post up of what I wrote last year. As I read through, I thought the context would be changed now, or that I could change who is who in my mind - but you know what? Nah, it's the same, old same with new people added to different categories. Mountain high and valley low and all, I'm still thankful. People in and people out of my life - I'm still thankful. I'm here and I'm whole and I'm blessed and I wouldn't have it any other way, not the past or the present. God has been too good for me to back down and life is too precious and short for me to look down. 

Enjoy! And feel free to join me as I parry on my day :D 
I'll send you virtual cake!

Despite broken promises and hushed good byes and forgotten kisses.
Despite long wanted hugs, and far-away cuddles and swollen pride.
Despite stifled laughter, suppressed smiles and washed away shouts…

I’m still thankful.

There are stronger promises still. Pushed back good byes, and fresh kisses.
There are lingering hugs, present cuddles and blazed humility present.
There is roaring laughter, glowing smiles and echoed shouts…

Here and Now in the present.

I’m thankful.

There is more on the way – greater than I’ve ever fathomed.

[For a split second today, I looked back like Lot’s wife to count my losses and moan about the past].
[I had to slap myself out of it – how dare I ignore the precious gift of the present ?]

And so I’m thankful.
Thankful that she is here.
Thankful that he is here.
Thankful that you are here.
Thankful that they are here.
Thankful at YOU.

And I’m even more thankful that she was here…
That he was here…
That they were here…
That we were there.

I don’t know what you have in store yet – but I know I’m safe because you’ve already crafted my path from my inception to demise.

So thank you.


  1. Interesting how much i can relate to what you wrote a year ago. 
    Happy birthday dear! God bless you with many more years!


    May God grant a gift that only he can give, I thank God for your best days are right around the corner!!!