Thursday, November 24, 2011

What are You thankful for?

So my chicken (yes ooo it's not turkey, but it's still poultry lol) is roasting in the oven as I watch television and prepare to get some more studying done today. Unlike the past couple of years, i'm separated from my dear friends who've come to be family to me in the States... mostly because I forgot to buy a ticket on time :( 
I was going through a mental list of things I'm thankful for this year, and of course, there are too many to count... So i'll list a few that struck me:

- I'm thankful for friends that are like my family.
- I'm thankful for family that are also my friends, although seriously, I have the best family in the world (hands down :p)
- I'm thankful for mistakes that have shown me how strong I am
- I'm thankful for God pushing me through my mistakes and giving me a clean slate despite myself
- I'm thankful for my wonderful cohort in my graduate program, like seriously, I have the best classmates ever :)
- I'm thankful for the solace of solitude and company, two indispensable friends that have taught me that my time is most precious and must be guarded with care
- I'm thankful for food, yes I've said it, food. You may take it for granted, but for me, every morsel counts! (no, i'm not starving, but food just rocks my socks, I seriously need to watch my weight now lol)

So what are You thankful for this year? And how are you spending your turkey day this year?

 P.S. A big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday from my last post :) My birthday went really well, twas mad fun!


  1. I'm thankful for life! for everything and everyone in my life.
    Im glad you enjoyed your day. :-)

  2. God gives us reason to be thankful each day. Happy birthday, the pics are lovely..

  3. Oh, I am just thankful all the way for God's mercies over my life cos I am sure without His mercies I am nothing.

    Happy birthday once again Sis :) Pls, always remain thankful.

    - LDP