Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Epiphanies from Urbana 2012

I ended 2012 with a bang, the best way I could have ever done so, in the presence of Jesus, with fellow believers. I was at Intervarsity's Student Mission conference, Urbana, usually held every three years at St. Louis, MO. I spent the past couple of days, being convicted, learning, being challenged and encouraged about my current position and how I can view my faith and what I've been called into from this position :) I also got a few books, and a plethora of recommendation of books (it's almost impossible to go to a conference and not get books to read lol), lots of exchange of ideas, and fresh vision. I am sooooo soooo excited about the next level in living out my faith, being authentic about it, and just loving people more, loving God more... Whhhoooohooooo!!!

I just wanted to share some pages of my journal from the first two days at the conference... It's in my "chicken-stratch" handwriting. So please bare with me :)

Thanks, for reading! And happy new year!!!

p.s., I don't make new year resolutions... For me, 365 days just seem too short or long - take your pick, to work on change... change should be over the course of a lifetime :) (Or maybe i'm just lazy, who knows).

Stay beautiful people. I'll be back with more tid-bits soon enough.

Mwajim Al.