Thursday, January 17, 2013

the ones who know what good is.

determined to be the ones who don’t cave in...
the ones who defy the status quo...

determined to be the ones with change in our eyes,
fire in our chest...

the elders, they got it wrong!

the old ones, they settled for less...
letting the dream die...
letting their dreams die.

we are the ones with dreams we say,
we are the ones who can make a difference we chant.
Change starts with us.

No more of that old nay says and hay says and no action!
No more of that absolute power corrupts nonsense!
We are the generation that wants to see what good you are.
We are the generation that knows what good it all is.

we forgot that they were once young too...
and like us with dreams in their eyes,
and fire in their chest...
they swore they would be different.

we forget they were once young too
but breaches of sand and bamboo
came knocking at their door one day
until they could not ignore
the clarion call...

One day they will come knocking at our door too.
Question is, would we still be the ones who
could cause change amidst change?


  1. I sure hope we are :)...yet my heart asks the same questions you ask here.

    Happy Birthday dear

    1. Thanks! Questions should keep being asked till we are driven to change!

  2. You wrote this? This is so beautiful, I loved it! You're right...the elders, they once had fire in their chests too. And absolute power does corrupt, but it takes real courage and fearlessness to rise above such level of corruption. Especially back at home...those who've gone back have either caved in or returned overseas.

    1. Yup! Original piece. Glad you like it :) yes the pattern has been the case for years, regardless, the status quo needs to change... one person at a time!

  3. Sometimes I also wonder...the old ones were also once young...this is beautifully written.