Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving :D

... for slipped handshakes
... for awkward smiles
... for random hugs
... for quickly shed tears
... for hoarse laughter
... for loved ones in distant galaxies
... for hard work that makes you want to bleed
... for split-fractioned seconds of the day when you want to give up
... for endless moments of the day when you know you will make it
... for the Sacred Shifter of time and space who knows our innermost cores and keeps us afloat through the tides of life

I want to say I'm thankful. So feast hard like Monday will never come, laugh like tears will never flow from your eye lids and sleep like this will be the last weekend of blissful forgetfulness. 

Have yourself a beautiful thanksgiving. 

Mwajim Al.


  1. Mwajim Al, you are one kind of a character. What are these things you giving thanks for? lol. I agree we should give thanks for everything - both the ones we think do not even matter and the ones that matters the most.

    - LDP

  2. I love that you get the point - we should be thankful for the minutest things that don't seem to matter an eel, and those that matter a bunch!!!