Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turnover Tuesdays V - On Knowing the Next Step Part 1

I’ve had this constant minute little bother on my mind lately. You know the one that keeps you wondering, catches you silently as you walk to your destination, and creeps in on your mind when the first ray of sunshine falls on your eyes. I’m falling into this push-and-pull state of complacency vs onward marching… in Him.

We’ve been talking you know, when my eyes flicker open at dawn… we talk when I swiftly glide ashore the beds of sleep… and yet I feel that I haven’t heard from Him. Its like I miss Him, and yet I know He is here. I’ve been talking but on the peripheral. I’ve been reading His word but without much reflection. I haven’t even written my personal love letters to Him as consistently as I used to.

And so it seems I’m at cross-roads.

I could consistently go on the way things are right now, and continue in my new state of complacency… or I could opt for change.

There is so much more – I know there is. Like when I say I want to learn to keep opening up into deeper relationships with people. Like when I say I want to learn how to intercede for people. Like when I say I want to keep knowing Him more than just paper and pen, words on paper, words from the pulpit, sermons from the internet. Like when I say I want to charge my life over to Him without doubts. Like when I say I want to speak truth with grace regardless of what others feel or say about me. Like when I say I want to understand much more of my worth as a girl/woman in Him. Like when I say I want to touch his/her/their lives in ways bigger than I can possibly imagine with the grace of His touch. Like when I say I just want to light a candle of warmth next to your broken self.

The ancient question is but how?

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  1. When you find the answer plz inform me! lol
    On a serious note, I know how you feel...at times we can be hard on ourselves
    Just take it one step at a time...pray a little longer...spend time to mediate on the Word, etc...God sees our hearts and he understands...hope that helps...cuz I'm currently in the same boat :-/

  2. Just keep on holding on to Him, that's what I've learned so far, I believe we all have "dry times", and most times I believe what we do in those times would determine if we would or would not move on to another level with Him, we could decide to just let life happen, or we could decide to wake up each morning saying, "I still feel dry, but I wont let go until you fill me, cos I NEED YOU".....

  3. We never really figure it out which is why we always need to seek God in all things. He guides us as life and time goes on.

  4. "I still feel dry, but I wont let go until you fill me, cos I NEED YOU"..... I love that line. That is encouraging to know that everyone does go through dry times. And I also learnt something this past week, starting a prayer that says: "I want to be obedient". That w

  5. Yes... I will let you know the answer when I find it haha. Its funny, I was talking to a friend of mine about this, and she said there are times when we do get too hard on ourselves, we think we should be doing more when in essence we are supposed to be waiting. I think I'm going into research mode to still find my answer. I'll definitely update you :D

  6. Yes you are right... But then how about the days when we don't think He is guiding or He isn't there? I will keep seeking. Thanks for the encouragement :D