Sunday, December 25, 2011

Regardless of how you spend today...

      Last Night, depression and loneliness came jeering at my doorstep threatening to take over, reminding me of what I lack in close proximity and what I could have if God actually cared about me... I was just about to cry back in response and agreement with them when He let me have a silent realization...

What is the point of Christmas?
Why do millions across the world celebrate it?
Regardless of how I celebrate it or not celebrate it or with whom, does that nullify what we celebrate today and everyday?

      Whether you are alone this Christmas, or in the midst of your close-knit family, with friends or acquaintances, strangers or in transit... do remember that regardless of how you spend today or with whom, that baby wrapped in swaddling clothes some two thousand+++ years ago was the Word that became Flesh so that we could have that bountiful freedom to come into His presence unabashed and unashamed to have  our sins healed. He came in humiliation so that we may have peace... He came lowly so that you and I would never be alone... And so today as we celebrate His humility and our freedom regardless of where you are, a toast and shout of joy to Christ for the liberty He has brought humanity!!!

ooo and before I forget, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and I will let you taste the beauty of the wonderful Christmas tree in my apartment :)


  1. Merry Christmas. I stayed home with family and had lots of friends over. ate and drank till I quenched, and danced my legs off. It was an amazing day. ;))

  2. Same to you too! I had a swell day too, church, met some new peeps, and ate to numbness lol :)

  3. I had a lovely Christmas, just the two of us.

    Also wanted to wish you the best for the season, and happy New Year in advance!

  4. Yay to building new holiday traditions in your newest family aka you and your husband :) Wishing you a happy new year in advance as well!