Monday, December 19, 2011


"We traded up,
we traded out" We say

Huts for sky scrapers...
Hoes for tractors...
Hoop-skirts for booty-shorts...
Hats for do-rags...

"We traded up
we traded out" We say

Women can vote,
Negroes can attend Harvard and Oxford,
Non-discreet lovers can come out of hiding...
We are modern...

"We traded up,
we traded out,
Opportunity for all,
Opulence for the masses"

"We stayed put,
We stayed in a cycle.
Tyranny lives on,
In a morphed figurine of ourselves."

We may have traded green for machine,
We may have traded the opera for the telly,
We may have traded the postman for email...

Yet the desire and hunger,
the lore and the tale
of Man's menacing issues
live on into the future.


  1. Loooved this.. after everything, our modernity, sophistication and all the things that define our 21st century lives, at our most basic, we still want and need the same things.. Sigh.. 

    Thanks for stopping by .. 

  2. Good Read #1 | I think a desire for "more" remains when it's not being fulfilled by the right source. For me, that source is the Father. 

  3. Thanks for stopping by as well! We are the same creatures moving through advancements in the world. 

  4. you are absolutely right, the Father is the source of contentment

  5. Love this. after all the pointless sophistication in our world, we still find something missing. We will always be reminded of the simple things in life. Good job as you always do