Friday, January 7, 2011

Felicity Fridays II - On Knowing the next Step Part 2

            I’ve been missing God for… o say like weeks now.  I miss that intimate conversation where I am assured that I am really communing with him… talking… pouring out my soul. It has been a while… and I missed Him so much. I had that today again. I didn’t realize how much burdens I had been carrying not telling him wholeheartedly. I didn’t realize how much I had been sitting in my complacency and new state of change without letting Him to continue tugging the boat. I’ve been reading a book, Clariborne’s and Willson-Hartgrove’s “Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers”… and there was a line that said: “… a sure sign that we know someone deeply is the ability to enjoy one another without words – to simply admire each other.” They quoted Mother Theresa as saying how when she talks to God He mostly listens and she mostly listens – just that communal enjoyment of having each other’s presence. I hadn’t had that in a while… just sitting and listening and talking to Him. I need to get back and go beyond – make up a more radical solution to my predicament. So you ask I say the answer or part of the answer to the ancient question to how you overcome complacency in your relationship with Christ? (See earlier Post) I think one of the many answers is being radical. I’ve never considered myself to be a radical person, always average or in the middle with my decisions… maybe never really to the extreme.
            Complacency calls for my radical self to emerge, and which is part of why I’m making a life list and going back to paper-journaling. I’m tired in a way of having momentous bursts of passion and forgetting about it. I love the way it moves me in that moment… so why let it die down? Why live in inter-sparsed moments without His presence dwelling in and around me? With that means I’m changing my night bible study times to be earlier than the time I would go to bed, rather than when I’m dead beat tired and say a sentence to Him. I’m writing down my intimate thoughts to Him regardless of the time of the day rather than just in the morning. I’m praying everyday for the spirit of Joy to be cultivated in me. I also want the spirit of intercession. There are underlying reasons for much of the steps that I’m taking, and I’m still taking my time to know the root of these reasons, why they are so and how to act on them. I want to keep on in Him no matter how many times I’ve fallen or been bruised… I’ve tried it without Him and I don’t like the missing-in-action phase to say the least.
            So dear reader, tell me, how do you combat complacency from your end?

p.s. Here is a fun video a couple of friends posted on facebook… we shouldn’t forget the “Our Father” part in the Lord’s prayer, reminds us that we are a community, world-wide arena of brothers and sisters… its not just me and God; its also you, me, him, her, them…. Just all of us and God. 


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