Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dreams and Dreaming Dreams Part 2

    I thought that aspiring to be a neurosurgeon would be my last dream. I knew it would mean several years of school, but I was so bent on wanting that to be accomplished. Funny enough, in the midst of daydreaming of being a surgeon, i developed a hobby. It started with letters I would write to my pen-pal. She would include excerpts of stories she wrote for me. I thought it was so cute she wrote me stories. I was inspired, I wanted to return the good deed - so I wrote her stories as well. However, I developed a problem - I just couldn't fit in a small enough story for her. So, i made it into a 'book' if you will and sent it to her. She loved it, or at least she said so. I felt so encouraged, I kept writing and writing... different stories. That was when a different dream popped up. I wanted to be a ghost writer while still being a surgeon. I imagined a world where I would be a surgeon during the day and a world bestseller at night. I would travel the world for different book signings and tours under a pseudonym with no one knowing I was this world re-owned neurosurgeon (LOL... meehhhhn dreams are funny!). However, my Dad became bothered with the writing I was continuously engaged in. He said he liked it, but he felt it was working its way into my school work - he'd prefer me to do itover the holidays. I was fine with that. I stepped up the dream even further, I wanted to publish my first novel by the age of 20. This dream stayed the longest, though growing with a couple of modifications.
    I spent my summer of freshman year working in a research lab. I was so enthralled with the idea of being in the background to find cures to the diseases I wanted people to be rid of. I extended my vision of being a neurosurgeon to being a neuroscientist. I now wanted to be both. I had big plans to open a hospital and treat people with neurological ailments...
    And as for my writing dream, I was looking back on my life on my 20th birthday thinking about how I hadn't published yet compared to Miley Cyrus who is 16 or 17 and is singing her life away (lol). Anyways, I decided to pursue a writing minor before I graduate to get that dream on a roll... who knows, I may still publish as a ghost writer some day...
Funny thing is that i am so close to accomplishing a part of my neuroscience dream. I just need to get prepped up to study for the GREs and apply to Ph.D programs... this is something I have been dreaming and planning about since my freshman year... so why do I feel like I am at a standstill, or too unmotivated to edge forward when it is totally within my grasp?
And yet, I am not relenting or stepping back. I am going to keep trying, pushing myself harder, even on days when all I want to do is curl up in my bed and keep dreaming, am going to keep taking steps to turn my reality into my dream, by God's Grace... besides, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

P.S, Spring Break was RELAXING!!!

So, what are your current dreams, and what steps are you taking to achieve them?


  1. You know what? Please never let these dreams die. I see you fulfilling each one of them. The problem with us is since we can't see "when" or "how" we drop our dreams in the thrash-can.

    Glad to know your spring break was relaxing. :)

  2. True... I will strive to keep fighting. Thanks :)

  3. I read a post by LDP titles, Just a little bit more. So dear please keep at your dreams. You know what the bible says, It may tarry...

    I think you have a gift as a writer. All the best.

  4. Girl don't give up on your dreams!

  5. @Myne: Thanks for the encouragement!
    @Suru: Definitely won't