Friday, June 4, 2010

'The one'

There is all this talk about finding 'The one',
you know... your one true love.
They say he will come riding on a horse,
some say he will be fully geared on a armor,
with long beautiful silky flaming hair...

And when you find him,
you will share the most intimate ever,
It will be like fireworks...
stars in the sky and all...

Some say there is only one out there you know -
the perfect soulmate.

The one that no one can replace,
completes all your sentences,
thinks like you... understands your innermost being.

I don't believe a word of it.

The one doesn't exist.

The One does exist.
Nope, no armor - in fact, nothing about him is physically attractive.
No horse - He rode a donkey, sorry.
No breathtaking fireworks or flaming beautiful hair...

No, none of that...
Just him, his love...
simple, yet seemingly foolish.

The One that calms all the storms in me and you.
The One that saw the end of your life before it even became a zygote.
The One that saw the thought before it became a sentence.
The One who understands, satisfies, loves and connects more that the supposed 'the one'.

Enjoy One of my Current Favorite Songs - Rest In You - Hillsong

P.S On the Summer pledge, so far so good... coming along, haven't broken any yet... hopefully it keeps coming along by His Grace.


  1. Very nice. I don't think that there is just a 'the one'. I think that there are a couple of 'the ones' out there for anyone, it just depends on which one you find first.

  2. Nice! Me like the creative way you presented Jesus :)
    You should listen to 'You are my strength' by Hillsong. U'd love it.
    - LDP

  3. @2cute4u: Thanks :)
    @Original Mgbeke: True, funny enough I agree with some of that too... 'the one' is just a social construction.
    @My world: Thanks :)
    @LDP: Thanks and I will check it out too :)

  4. hmmmmmmmm.

    There is def ONE for me.
    I liked this ;)