Friday, June 11, 2010


"I say 'Amen' and its still raining..."

And yet, they say YOU are the God that stills oceans,
parts the red sea and rose from the dead...

I choose to glorify and praise...
even though am numb from tears,
and scared from obstacles.

I've said 'Amen' and am still in my storm...

And YOU are still God.

I will still praise.


  1. You re-echo my thoughts!
    I had fun reading.. God bless you!

  2. Omg I love this song so much. So so so much. I cannot gush enough about it

  3. It is in these moments that God will glorify himself.
    Stay strong.

  4. This song makes me close my eyes and think of all the storms, with me standing there in the middle of God praising Him.

    One thing I've realized is that everything eventually works out to His glory.

  5. Love it! Absolutely. These Casting Crown people are getting to me o. lol

    _ LDP

  6. I'm a huge casting crowns... this song moves me every single time.