Saturday, June 5, 2010

Right Where I want You to be

You wake up,
another day... another hustle.
You are going to see them,
You are going to see him.
You are going to bustle and its going to hurt.

They ask about him,
they ask about them.
They ask about you.
What do they care?

You look at them,
you look at him,
you look at her,
you look... and you stare...
and you salivate.
That should have been you.

What happened to you?

You should have been taller,
you should have been richer,
you should have been smarter...

you should be smarter,
you should be richer,
you should be taller...

you gnaw in pain.
you are not where you should have been at.
you messed it up.

And Yet, He says:
"You are Right Where I Want You to be."

"Patience..." He says, "...Patience..."

And so you wait:
"I am right where HE wants me to be."



  1. So I'm loving yet another episode of this.. I'm on this journey with you.. I know you're headed somewhere, when you get there, I'd know.. I loved this piece.

  2. 真是好文呀~~給你拍拍手再加分!!!..................................................

  3. I like the ending a LOT. Didn't see that coming.

    Also, we can't really control our heights (despite what our parents make us believe)


  4. We are what He wants us to be.

    And that is good enough for me.

    I love this piece

  5. @2cute4u: Amen ooo. Thanks :)
    @miss.fab: True, we def. can't control our heights, no matter how much mikl we drink lol. Glad u liked it.
    @Nutty J.: Definitely. Thanks.

  6. Should have, could have, would have...

    Right where He wants us to be.

    I love this and thanks for sharing.

  7. @Myne: Def. all the shoulda, coulda, woulda leaves us in pain... and yet, we are where we are He wants us to be. U r welcome :)

  8. That's the best place to be o....
    Thanks Mwajim :)