Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clay, Glass and the fragile things...

Clay breaks you know,
And yet the Potter uses it to mold.

Glass shatters you know,
And yet the glass smith makes his finest glassware from it.

And when the clay and glass breaks,
The helpless thing just lays there,
Hoping to fix itself.

And yet the Maker ignores the object’s stubbornness,
In his expertise, he fixes it,
Molds it, melts it back to being in a more fit condition.

I am Your clay,
I am Your glass.

And I have been stubborn.
I have refused to accept your beckoning peace.
I have refused to accept your everlasting answer…
Everlasting will…

Hear me now,
As You tenderly mold,
And melt me continually perfecting
Me to be who You will me to be…

Please be patient…
You know am the most stiff-necked there ever was…
Please be patient…
As you wait for me to realize that You ever stand as You have always been…
Unchangeable and Loving…
To continually accept Your Sovereignty
As I battle with myself…

I accept Maker…
I accept…
Help me stand firm on this…

So summer has been going great. Am in the sports rage mood, with all the NBA finals going on and the world cup (YAY!!!). In addition to that, I love Boston, love the lab am in… awesome folks J My summer plans have also been coming along, its been really hard to not eat meat... you’d be surprised how difficult it is to eat outside (smh I now respect vegetarians and vegans!), God has been faithful in that respect too… I have been enjoying my cooking, which I ordinarily hate on a normal day. My studying is also picking up (painfully slowly).  The gym… yeah, so I think I overdid it because at a point I was going almost everyday, and I ended up with lower abdomen pains… so I am on a hiatus till next week. My summer reading list is getting there too, am currently on C.S Lewis’ ‘Screwtape Letters’… ooouuu and I got this book by Ron Currie Jr. called ‘God is dead’… it’s a fictional work, I will probably update you all on what it is about… am excited for that one. And with Baba God… let’s just say its definitely not a time of complacency… he is continually stretching me… and I am definitely glad. I am also so glad that I was introduced to this blogging atmosphere, I can’t explain how many times through the past week just reading a couple of blog posts or some tweets and telling you how encouraged I have been. So thank you, because in one way or another God is using you to stretch and mold me. Keep on letting Him use you.
Have a great blessed ahead of you…  and keep living out His word on this side of heaven. 


  1. Just like the solo:

    'You are the potter,
    I am the clay,
    Make me and mold me
    This is what I pray'


  2. I love that poem. I'm also in love with 'Till I see you'. Its been one of my favourite song especially when I was trusting God for my PhD admission in 2008. God used the song for me. Thanks for sharing it again.

    Wait, you dont like cooking on a normal day? Arh.. African wife? lol - Ask God for grace o.
    I told you about the Gym right? Seriously, I think you should not go more than once a week Mwajim. U dont need rigorous work out or do you play any particular sport?

    I am glad you are loving C.S. Lewis'. You must do a post on what you learn from it k?

    - LDP

  3. @NakedSha: Yeah, Just like it :)
    @LDP: I don't like cooking ooo.. smh long story, I am still trusting God to groom me in that area sha... Yeah lol about that Gym... humph I may cut it down... No, I don't play any sport ooo... but am trying to see if I will like volleyball. And yes, I will do a post on what I learn from it... I am learning a lot! :) Thanks.

  4. Nice poem. We all know the Celtics are going to lose (oops... did I just jinx it? LOL). Btw I'm not Team Lakers o, just being real!

    ... Why aren't you eating meat?

  5. @Miss.Fab: Nah gurl... am watching now and am a celtics believer 4 lyf... lol! Am not eating meat as a fast... I am dedicating this summer in that respect to grow closer to God and plead as well with a couple of issues on hand... check it out here:

  6. Awww, lovely poem and post. About the clay and glass, gosh we're like so stubborn sometimes. LOL.

    I already know how crazy you are about the CELTICS. Lol. I think you prefer basketball to football too :)

    You're reading screwtape letters? That's on my Amazon wish list. Now I can't wait to read it too. You're an encouraging person and your blog is one of the most refreshing blogs out here. Thank God for that.

    Keep being "Mwajim the Scientist," and may God continue to use you for His signs and wonders in Boston. Lots of Love from Jaycee. LOL (Cheesy line).

  7. @Jaycee: Thanks for the encouragement. I will try to let Him keep using me ooo... and yeah about bball... the rave is over now... *sigh*

  8. I love the poem and I can relate. Enjoyed your post.

  9. awesome poem
    Am so done with meat.....vegetarian all the way!!!

  10. You r a scorpio too..... nice. Now i'm trying to figure out if you are male or female. My instincts say female. Off to read some more posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way :)

  11. @KE: Thanks :)
    @Sting: Yup I am. Thanks for stopping by too... and don't worry, my sex is no secret... you'll figure it out soon :) :) :)

  12. Nice poem. It seems our summer plans are very similar.I'm reading boundaries in dating now by Henry/Cloud but I hope to get by to the screwtape letters. As for the gym, welldone!I haven't seen the face of mine since I registered.... so lazy!Lol

  13. 向著星球長驅直進的人,反比踟躕在峽路上的人,更容易達到目的。..................................................................

  14. Love the sincerity of that poem,well done!

  15. @Berean Girl: Yay!!! Glad to see am not the only one with plans _^_. I should try to read that book... sound interesting. Thanks :)
    @劉淑芬: Thanks :)
    @Blogoratti: Thanks :)

  16. The poem, oh.. oh..
    It was really wonderful..
    Glad you're really have a 'me' time this summer
    Take care

  17. @2ute4u: Thanks... yea, I like the 'growing' time too...