Monday, June 21, 2010

usa la ga - Thankyou

Ga sinda yaddi pila usa la ga sosai wa - You know I haven’t said thank you enough…

Falls so gruesome and
You always lessened the impact.

Tears, overflowing
And overwhelming,
Washing over like a flood…
You always wiped them away.

Pain so deep, so bitter…
Engulfing and blinding,
Had me at the lowest level of the pit…
You always healed to the core.

No scars.
No painful recollections.
No bandaged fragments.
As though I was never down there.

And so for the many people
You’ve sent my way…

And so for the many paths
You’ve let me thread…

And so for the many things
You’ve let me have…

And so for the many more
Situations I’m about to dive into…

I just want to say…

usa la ga Yesu…. Hamthakurna!!! – Thankyou Jesus – My God!!!

*** In italics – Bura language from Borno and Adamawa States, Nigeria. 


  1. It always humbles me when someone else that has been through so much more than i possibly have can still thank God through it all.

  2. I'm loving the way you infused Hausa into this post. You bring back the few Hausa words I still have in my head.

    And you are right, we can never say thank you enough. God is just too awesome :) What He has done for us, we cannot tell it all.

    - LDP

  3. @Fabulo-la: Same here. It def. makes me realize that I need to be more thankful, but then again, out realities are all different. However, the most important thing is to never stop thanking Him.
    @LDP: Yes, Indeed we can never thank Him enough. Thanks, a word or two is in Hausa, but it is mostly Bura.
    @Nutty J.: Thanks!.

  4. He is just too much jare. I thank God on your behalf too. Remain blessed and favored.

  5. "For the many people you've sent my way..."

    You're one of them.

  6. @Myne: Thanks :) Indeed ooo He is.
    @Jaycee: awwww, thanks. But believe it or not, I think its the other way round :)

  7. @Onosetale and Blogoratti: Thanks :) :) :)

  8. Wow, this is so touching. I can feel the depth of your gratitude. Bless your heart dear, for sharing this.

  9. Bura!I can speak a little... but I'm not from there though. :-) I like how you made this a post about giving thanks rather than complaining. Nice one.

  10. @MaidOfHeart: thanks :), and am glad you were touched.
    @BereanGirl: Ehh? U speak a little? So whr u from? How? Thanks, glad u liked it.

  11. This was really great.. I enjoyed reading.. Have a great week ahead

  12. @祁禾: Glad you liked it then :)
    @2cute4u: Same to u. Glad u enjoyed it.