Monday, September 27, 2010

Meandering Mondays I

I can’t wait to meet you…
To know you
To love you

I can’t wait to hold you
And present you
And love you

I can’t wait to tickle you
To make you laugh
To make you cry

Somewhere somehow
My heart beats in perfect patience
Thinking of all the times we’ll share
And the smiles we’ll conjure
And the love we’ll share
And the tears we’ll shed

I keep thinking of the perfection
We’ll have
The disappointments we’ll show
The frustrations we’ll bear
And how each of those turns
We’ll be a soothing balm
Continuously reflected
In the mirror of His love
Because he’ll be our ever
Guiding sustenance

The sorrows
The tears
The joy
And the peace
We’ll go through each one…
Because we were designed to
Stick it out in Him.

                                          Mwajim AL.


  1. Awwww...beautiful poem. So real...and yet so wonderful.

  2. I agree...very cute poem! Awwwww!

    I love "My heart beats in perfect patience"...nicely said!

  3. @Jaycee, @Myne, @Blessing, @Maid of Heart, @rethots: thanks. Glad u enjoyed it!

  4. My song!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe, ok, mayb not my song, 'my song' , but, you know what i mean....*wink*

    this is very beautiful. don't worry, i'll soon be there you hear, looool!! just kidding. real lovely babe!