Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Acts of Faith: Stepping-Out Part 5

I remember being scared about not knowing how to move on from the inside-out… you know preventing the yardstick of Lot's wife. Its funny because just somehow I’m learning the difference between reminiscing to learn my mistakes and reminiscing to be stuck like Lot’s wife.  When she looked back, it was out of fear for the future, which is okay… you know to be scared of the future. However, she looked back with the intention of never looking forward again. Her heart yearned the things that were against God’s will. She knew His plan was for her to leave, and yet like the four year old who pleads for candy he can’t have, she rescinded His offer. I’m learning to refuse her path… actively realizing that in this new setting I’ve stepped into, I’m letting go of the old gags of idolatry, self-sufficiency, pride and misplaced worth. Learning His way… letting Him day-by-day to teach me to learn His way is a daily and slow realization that He is all I ever need – He alone is self-sufficient. And the best part, is that He knows He is self-sufficient, all He needs is my trust that He is. 


  1. I've never made this distinction before. There's definitely a difference between reminiscing and looking back to never look forward again. Thought-provoking piece.

  2. Thanks. Yah, stuff seems to stick out with each passing day :)