Friday, September 3, 2010

Acts of Faith: Stepping-Out Part 4

The fine thing about perspective is that you can’t see where you are going at a certain viewpoint. From a distance, it looks very far, near, nowhere in sight… you just can’t be too sure. Just like Abraham, to his human perspective mind, he didn’t know where he was going or how he was headed to the new land. All he did was obey. The simple act of leaving his father’s land to this new promised land alone showed his willingness to give God a chance to prove that He is able.

I don’t know how he was able to do it, but somehow he survived. He may have been homesick, he may have bargained with God, he may have had doubts, he may have thought he heard wrong. I struggled with how to step-out from the inside-out. Not exactly the clearer of directives to carryout especially when there is no verbatim how-to-do manual.

It is funny though how as time goes on, you muster the strength. Slow, and painful – you look back and pick up the shreds. Piece-by-piece, some more painful than others, you heal slowly. Sometimes you can feel the burning scab, sometimes you just go through the motions… and sometimes you forget. Days go by, times flies and just like Abraham, before you know it, you are owing cattle, and land and you even have a son! Perspective is changing… wow! The seeds of the promise begin to take shape… however only you can see them because its not yet physical… you can see the end-point of your perspective only by your faith. You even wake up one day and just like magic – its as though you never even stepped-out in the first place. However, this time, the package is even better because it’s the initial design He had for you that you hearkened to. It is better because it is triple what you expected. It is better because you allowed him to change you… you allowed Him to show Himself mighty and able on your behalf. You allowed His Name to be glorified through your life.

Stepping-out is always beautiful when God calls you to it. It isn’t easy, but you know rest-assured that He has a better package for you down the road. It is in His nature to give you a better package, His Love compels it. It may not look better at first, and yet, as time unfolds, you’ll be only appreciative.  

So, take that leap,  and Step-Out in Faith. 


  1. It is really time to step out. Nice one lady!

  2. True, and more often than we realize. Thanks.