Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sometimes... Shalom.

Sometimes you wonder why He takes the inner-city routes to get you to your destination instead of the highway… I mean isn’t that more direct?

Sometimes you wonder why He takes longer than long to let the answer to your prayers come through… I mean wouldn’t that blare out His care more profusely?

Sometimes you wonder why… and how… and when…

But you know what? He always answers at the perfect time… it never makes sense to me. That is what makes Him so marvelous in my sight. I’m so grateful for all that He has done… what He is doing… what He will continue to do… no matter how long I wander in the wilderness (and believe me, I have been wandering)… even when He brings me into the rainforest (He has graciously provided a beautiful one)… I will continue to praise and adore Him day-by-day… My soul only yearns for Him more in gratitude… and thanks.

So I don’t know what you are going through… what you are waiting on Him for… what you are trusting Him for… one thing I do know is that you should never give up on this Faithful God – the I-am-that-I-am, the one who became flesh and made His dwelling amongst us… never give up on Him because He is able to save and He will save you.



  1. Beautiful and true.

    I tried following your blog but for some reason the link is blocked.