Friday, September 10, 2010

Where are you [Mwajim]?

Dark hallow grounds? – Its cold out here, and its hard to even open my mouth.
I can’t open my mouth to eat, speak… talk more of praising.
Unspeakable pain parts from it rather… wails, moans, anguish…

Dark hallow grounds? – It is hard to praise out here… and yet in this same place, King David said:
                  “But as for me, I will always have hope;
                  I will praise you more and more.
                  My mouth will tell of your righteousness,
                  Of your salvation all day long,
                  Though I know not its measure.
                  I will come and proclaim your righteousness, yours alone.
                  Since my youth, O God, you have taught me,
                  And to this day, I declare your marvelous deeds.” Psalms 71 vs 14-17 (NIV)
Even while David was waiting on the Lord, surrounded by enemies, his life hanging on the fringe – a very dreadful situation that I’m sure almost all of us have hardly ever been in, he still cried out to the Lord in praise and gratitude. How much more when we are running low on funds? How much more when we need his healing touch? How much more when we seek his guidance in areas of direction? How much more when we are waiting for a job?

It is much more easier to sing His praises and thank Him when it is all well and good, or when our prayers have been answered in the positive. However, how about while our prayers haven’t been answered yet? How about when the answer is no? Do we still find it in us to praise?

It is a much harder feat… praising him on dark, hollow grounds… I’ve been there. And yet, continually seeking His face and seeing Him being bigger than your circumstance on those grounds… inspires the praise that fills and swells within you that lovely assurance and peace that knows no bounds.

I don’t know where you are right now. However, wherever that may be, dark, hallow grounds or not (especially if you are on dark, hallow grounds), my prayer is that you praise and adore Him for who He is in this dark place. I pray you learn through this period to truly give Him the highest praise and gratitude for how far He has brought you, what He is currently doing in your life, and how far he will take you.

It is alien – I know, why thank Him if He hasn’t done it yet? However, remember that your dark circumstance is a speck before the Sovereign Lord of Hosts. Praise Him, move Him for what He is about to do – and you will be surprised on how much His Love compels Him to inspire change in your spirits. You will never be the same again.

Have a lovely weekend.  


  1. This is great. It also came at the right time. May the Lord give us the grace to worship him becos of who HE is....not cos of what he has done or will do.


  2. Mwajim Al, I love this post. I think this is a double for me. I just read about this on Remi's blog too.

    - LDP

  3. @Nutty J.: I'm glad it spoke to you. Yes, and just as it ought to be.
    @LDP: I'm glad you have gotten double confirmation. God is speaking to you!!! :D

  4. I have a BIG testimony about waiting on God, even while running low on funds. The funny thing is that God answered just in the blink of an eye today. God is good, no matter how long we wait...He always shows up. In my case, I waited for years, but He showed up today. Praise God.

  5. This babe I love you to bits but I cannot read this o. Some of us don't have perfect sight. Abeg can you use a darker font? :P

  6. @Jaycee: awww. Thank God ooo :D I'm happy for you *happy dance* lol. Yes ooo He always does show up. He showed up for me months after, and yet its still on time :D

  7. @Imoteda: lol. sorry love. Note taken :D